Easy and efficient way to Track your bets

The central place of Betting Tracker where you track bets. A single place for all of your betting history.

Get an overview of your recent bets and update the status of your bets.

Track bets
Track bets with betslips

Track bets with betslips

Use matches or our tips to create your betslip and check the odds before actually placing the bet. You can plan your betting activities before spending a dime. Save your betslip as a bet and we’ll automatically update the status and your metrics accordingly. You can create betslip from:

  • Upcoming matches
  • Betting tips that we get from our partners
Instant notifications

Get instant notifications on your bet updates.

Whenever there is a match update or bet status change Betting Tracker will notify you. You can select what channel to use to get notifications:

  • Push notifications
  • Email
  • In-app notifications
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Share bets with your friends

Want to share your bets with your friends or followers on social media? Betting Tracker got you covered. With one click you can share a bet link via:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
Betting Bookmakers


In most cases, you will have accounts with multiple bookmakers that offer the best odds. With Betting Tracker you can track your progress and balance across as many bookmakers as you like.

Available sports for tracking bets


You are not focused on one sport? No problem. With Betting Tracker you can group your bets across more than 15 different sports. It comes handy when you want to know are you really good at those soccer predictions or you have more success with tennis matches.

Track bets 2


It’s often that you are sourcing your bets across different tipsters. Some of them offer their tips for free, but most serious tipster charge access to their tips with some sort of monthly subscription. Want to know if they are worth your money? You can categorise your bets with different tipsters and see which one are profitable and who you should reconsider paying the subscription.

Bet tags


Do you want even more granular tracking? You can tag and track bets with anything that you want. You are placing a bet under some betting system and you want to see the perfomance? Check. You are betting on specific tournament or team? Check. Use it however you want to track your performance later.

Betting Tracker Odds Format

Odds formats

Select the odds format that you are using and Betting Tracker will automatically convert and use the odds of your choice to track bets. You can select between:

  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds
  • Moneyline odds